Can I use photos for commercial use (for client works, etc.)?
Yes, you can. They are free for this.

Can I use photos for HTML/PSD/PowerPoint templates I sell?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

Can I use photos as a placeholders in my HTML/PSD templates or articles?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

Can I distribute my PSD files with photos included in design?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

Can I print it on t-shirts?
Yes, you can for personal usage, not to sell the t-shirts.

Can I use it in my PowerPoint presentation?
Yes, you can.

Can I resell the photos?
No, absolutely not.

Can I post images on social networks?
Facebook has really weird conditions for posting images. You can post them on social networks only if you edit them — eg. with logo of your company, as part of webdesign, with your own quote etc.

Can I publish these photos to my own site with free photos?
No, absolutely not.

Can I redistribute the images in our website builder (or any other SaaS app)?
No at this time. But go to Photo Redistribution and contact me on contact@zoomdslr.com.

How can I credit/mention you?
I’m very happy for every mention! If you want, you can use ‘Photo by zoomdslr.com’ with link to zoomdslr.com (Thank you!)

How can I support you?
There are many ways how to do it. The easiest way is to share zoomdslr to your friends, also you can donate any amount that you wish via paypal: support@zoomdslr.com


You cannot resell, share, transfer or offer for free any of our digital products.

You may not place these licensed digital products on any website in a complete or archived downloadable format or offer it to be distributed in any other way.

The digital products may not be placed on any electronic bulletin board or downloadable format.

Making modifications or alterations to any of our digital products does not free you to then sell, license or distribute them to anyone else.

The image under fair use to placeholders in articles or websites must be low-resolution (max-size: 1024x768px), to prevent use of your site copy as a substitute for the original work (without hyperlink to full image).

"I'll appreciate if you share zoomdslr.com to your friends. Then I can offer you more and more high quality photos. Thank you! Don't forget to share!

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